Kaliningrad     (3 часа)

Kaliningrad, former Koenigsberg is one of the several cities along the Baltic coast founded by the Teutonic Knights when they spread eastwards during the 13th century. It was founded in 1255 and from then until the end of the Second World War, it played a major part in German history as a port and as a centre of academic excellence. After the First World War, it became the capital of East Prussia, cut of from the rest of Germany by territory given to Poland under the Versailles Treaty. At the end of the Second World War, East Prussia was divided between the Soviet Union and Poland. The town of Koenigsberg and the surrounding region were both renamed Kaliningrad.

The half-day tour includes a visit to the Cathedral, symbol of Kaliningrad and Koenigsberg and a chance to see the tomb of Immanuel Kant, the city’s most famous former resident. Then we take you to the remains of the city walls and stop to look at some of the surviving gates. There is a chance to visit the Amber Museum, see the Luisen Church (now a Puppet theatre), the Organ Hall situated in a former church as well as statues of Kant and Schiller, the former Stock Exchange building on the banks of the Pregel River and the Drama Theatre.
During the excursion you could visit 2 Museums.

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