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Kaunas, the most quintessential Lithuania city and capital in 1920-1939, is located in the heart of Lithuania and is attractive to tourists and visitors because of its uniqueness and specific features. Since the early Middle ages, Kaunas has always been one of the most significant cities of the country, situated in a beautiful place at the confluence of two largest Lithuanian rivers. The image of Lithuania will not be complete without seeing Kaunas. Numerous significant and interesting architectural and historic monuments can be found in the cozy Old Town. They all reflect the great and honorable past of the city. Remains of Kaunas castle, built in the 13th century, stand at the confluence of the rivers Nemunas and Neris, while many other interesting and attractive objects can be found near the «white swan» — Town Hall, standing in the center of the Town Hall square. A visit to the IX Fort, located on the outskirts near the sobering holocaust memorial, must be included in any trip to Kaunas.

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